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Rural house Nº 141 (Casa Rural Ouled Ben Blal) Versión para Imprimir
Casa Rural Ouled Ben Blal

Precio:  Consultar
Tipo de Establecimiento: Rural house
Plazas: 8
Dormitorios: 2
Tipo de Alquiler:  Person (PAX)
Dirección: Douar de Ouled Ben Blal - Comuna de Dardara
                 (Chefchaouen) Morocco
Teléfono(s): +21239987267  +212010210146
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Chaouen Rural is a Chaoueni professional group who has joint his efforts in a joint-stock company to boost tourism activity in the province of Chefchaouen, mainly in rural areas, through managing tourism product and offering reception services. To achieve this, Chaouen Rural works on facilitating custom-made planning and logistics required by travel agents and travellers.
Travel agents as well as travellers will get tourist information, planning facilities and activities booking in the province of Chefchaouen , in a simple customized way to fit their expectations. This is achieved thanks to a Chaoueni professional team grouped in Chaouen Rural.
To perform its activity, Chaouen Rural has an institutional support of the Ministry of Tourism, Crafts and Social Economy of the Kingdom of Morocco as well as the Spanish Cooperation financial support.
The development of products and services is possible thanks to the group full knowledge of the province’s territory and its resources. In addition, the adhesion and commitment of the local tourism operators allow having a network of rural and non rural lodgings, tourist transport and transfer, transportation by mules, guides, agro-alimentary products, craftsmen, etc. Certainly, the aim is to facilitate the discovery of Chaouen authentic image with the involvement and collaboration of the local population.
Chaouen Rural allows the planning and activities booking in the province of Chefchaouen in a simple, customized way to fit the clients’ expectations.
Chaouen Rural offers tourists a varied range of thematic propositions through excursions, stays and circuits planning:
*Un coup d’œil (a glance): Excursions and activities to discover in a glimpse chaoueni rural life.
* Nos racines (our roots): Stays of 2 to 4 days in the rural houses of the province.
* Nos trésors (our treasures): Thematic circuits for technical and specific content travellers.
Tourists and travellers are welcomed to order excursions, stays and circuits planning in made to measure way.
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The Province of Chefchaouen is located in the north of Morocco, in the Rif Mountains, with an extension of 4,350 km2 and an approximated population of 450,000 inhabitants. The province shares land borders with the Mediterranean to the north, Taounate and Sidi Kacem provinces to the south, Al Hoceima province to the east and Tetouan and Larache provinces to the west.
The rural house of Ouled Beb Blal is about 26 km away from Chefchaouen city if we arrived at the house through National II route, and to 46 km away if its access is through the route of Ouazzane.
Further information:
Interpretation Center Chaouen Rural
Street Machichi, office nº 3 (Qua Administratif)
Chefchaouen – Morocco

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