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Rural house Nº 810 (El castell de la Pobla de Lillet) Versión para Imprimir
El castell de la Pobla de Lillet

Precio:  29 a 38 €/día
Tipo de Establecimiento: Rural house
Plazas: 24
Dormitorios: 9
Tipo de Alquiler:  Rooms
Dirección: Carrer del Doctor Cisneros, 8
                 08696 La Pobla de Lillet
                 (Barcelona) Spain
Teléfono(s): 936997209  935862497
Visita su Web Contacta por e-mail
The house is located in the old helmet of Pobla de Lillet. In a building raised on the ruins of the old strength erected by the dynasty of the Mataplana in 1297. The made restoration has turned it an establishment completely equipped for celebrations and stays for groups until 24 people. It is formed by nine rooms with own bath, an ample zone of kitchen, living room and a thermal area to relax. The criterion followed during the restoration has respected the cloth of wall coming from the channel of the rivers Llobregat and Arija. In order to resist the harshness of the stone, platform of oak has been placed in all grounds of each room of the Castell. On the other hand, not to lose protagonism to these two so noble original elements, the white colour has been chosen for the rest of the real estate set.
The comfort is left insured by means of system of radiators fed by a boiler. The living room, basic element of meeting, is equipped with a chimney and a television of great format as elements protagonists. Even so, each room has a television to individual use connected to the television by cable of the Pobla de Lillet.
  Cómo Llegar
The situation within the old helmet makes available of the guests of Castell one varied supply of services: commerce, restoration, leisure, etc.

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